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PVC Glue PVC Glue
Pint Quart
    Pint Quart

      PREPARATION OF SURFACE: Clean surface thoroughly with solvent. Next, apply RIB PRO glue no more than 1 hour after cleaning.

      GLUING: First, add an appropriate amount of hardener (5% to 10% of total volume) to the mixing cup and stir until fully mixed. Then use 100% bristle brush from the kit (cut bristles to 1/2"), apply the first thin coat of glue to the patch and the surface to be glued. Let it dry 10 minutes maximum. Apply a second thin coat of glue. Let it dry another 10 minutes maximum. After the second coat of glue, use the heat gun to heat the patch and the surface to be glued (40 to 80 degrees C). Apply the patch to the surface when still hot/warm. Use the roller from the kit. Firmly roll over the surface that has been glued.

      OPEN TIME: 40 minutes to 1-hour maximum according to the room temperature and relative humidity. Humidity should not exist at 50%.

      STORAGE: For 12 months in its sealed original packaging in a warm (+ 18 C), well-ventilated environment.

      DRYING TIME: It is recommended to wait 72 hours in order to reach optimum gluing properties.

      USE: For use on rubber, synthetic rubber, fiberglass, gel coat, plywood, all types of metals, etc.

      DO NOT use on painted surfaces.


      Please Note: 1 quart of PVC Glue is used for numerous and considerable repairs.
      Liquid Patch Liquid Patch
      1/2 Litre 1 Litre
        1/2 Litre 1 Litre
          Introducing our Quality Liquid Latex: a product that is inserted into the tubes to seal micro holes in the fabric. Patch holes due to punctures and impact damage on your R.I.B.


          Wear respirator, safety glasses, and protective gloves when applying.


          1. Inflate boat firmly, 2-3 PSI.
          2. Spray boat with soapy water.
          3. Visually locate the bubblesand mark with a pencil.
          4. Open valve and deflate boat.
          5. Pour the Liquid Patch into the valve opening.
          6. Pour water over the valve to remove any access Liquid Patch (don’t worry about getting any watch in the tubes).
          7. Inflate the boat.
          8. Rotate the boat slowly and direct the Liquid Patch towards the puncture(s).
          9. Keep rotating the boat a few times to make sure the Liquid Patch spreads evenly.
          10. Spray with soap again to make sure puncture(s) have sealed.


          Wear respirator, safety glasses, and protective gloves when applying. Apply in a well-ventilated area.
          Using a white piece of cloth ONLY (colored cloth will stain the fabric/material) use a moderate amount of solvent to clean the dust/debris etc from the surface. When the surface is ready for gluing the white cloth should be free of dirt. Once fabric/material has been thoroughly cleaned DO NOT touch the surface. Wait 1-2 minutes before applying the glue.
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